With any social Social Security Disability Benefits Case a large part of your application will be medical evidence and history. With that in mind, there are certain things you should talk to your doctor about regarding your medical-related issues. So, with Disability Associates, a social security disability law firm in Towson, Maryland, we will take a look at three things you must tell your doctor about your disability. 

The 3 Things You Must Tell Your Doctor About Your Disability

1. Pay attention to how you describe your condition to the doctor

By reflex, the usual answer to when a doctor asks you how you are feeling is to just simply say that you are fine. However, for your actual condition, you will want to be much more specific and open than this. 

You want to tell the doctor whether you are better, worse, or the same since the last appointment. This helps the doctor put your condition in context. The more specific you can be about how your condition has changed, the better. 

2. Be clear about what you can and can not do because of your condition

Make sure you explain to your doctor the activities or everyday tasks that you may be struggling with or not able to do completely anymore. It could be something like getting up and down the stairs easily or standing for extended periods of time. 

You really want to explain to your doctor how your condition affects your day-to-day activities. You don’t have to go into intense details about it, but just make sure that your doctor at least understands where the issues may be. 

3. Talk about side effects for any medications

All too often clients may be on a certain medication with some less-than-ideal side effects that never go mentioned to their doctor. However, before a hearing is about to take place, they will then mention it outside of the doctor’s office. 

This is something you will want to avoid. If the medication you are taking also impedes your living conditions make sure you mention it to your doctor. This way either an alternative course of treatment can be worked out or the medication can be stopped altogether depending on the severity of the side effects. 

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