5 Reasons you may have a strong Social Security Disability Case

With any Social Security Disability, one of the hardest things to determine is what makes for a strong case. It’s tricky to navigate through, but with the partners at Disability Associates, a Social Security Disability Law Firm in Towson, we are inspecting 5 reasons you may have a strong social security disability case. 

The 5 Reasons you may have a strong Social Security Disability Case

1. Age

If you’re aged 50 or older, the rules are a bit easier. So, the first factor to look at is going to be your age. 

2. What does your work history look like?

Do you have a steady work history? That means that you have been working for most of your adult life. The more consistent the work history is, the better it will reflect on your case as judges will want to look through this information.

3. Do you get regular medical care for your condition?

This factor is one of most extremely important pieces for making a case for benefits. Showing that regular medical care is needed is a large part of the evidence to show why working normally is near impossible. With any case, part of what is going to be handed over is your medical records. These should show what treatment you have received in the past and your current treatment. 

It is difficult to win a case if you are not receiving any kind of treatment at all because there will not be enough evidence to prove that you meet social security standard for disability. 

4. Day-to-day activities limited by your condition

When your case is evaluated for social security disability, the ultimate decision is whether your limitations are so severe, you’re not able to work. So, we have to look at the things you need help with now, that you didn’t before. What activities are you not able to do anymore?

Or even if you can do most activities, are you only able to complete them in short periods, but then needing to take a break? Perhaps even needing aid through at home care or family members to assist with daily activities. 

Overall, with any of these, it is key to have proof to show that these limitations are a regular occurrence.

5.Are you following your doctor’s orders?

This is key in these types of cases because if for example your doctor has recommended something like physical therapy for example and you feel it won’t help so you don’t do it, then this will not help your case. 

For a judge to see someone who is not completing what the doctor is recommending, this will make for a far weaker case. From their perspective it will look like if you had followed the doctor’s advice, maybe your condition would be improved enough that you could work or perform tasks regularly. 

So, it is very important that you are following your doctor’s recommendations and advice, for the very least, to try to see an improvement in your condition. 

If you felt that there is an issue with a piece of advice though, then have a conversation with your doctor to let them know your reasoning and perhaps there will be a different course of action to take. This will always reflect much better on you in these kinds of cases rather than just outright ignoring any recommendations. 

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