A social security disability lawyer rejected my case. You may have to tell your friends and family. What are the next steps to take from here? At Disability Associates, a social security disability benefits law firm in Towson, Maryland we will look at what you can do next if your case has been rejected.

My Case Was Rejected

Think of it like this, people are recommended in certain situations medically to get a second opinion. We always think that legally you should get a second opinion too if you think that you have good reasons, you’re not able to work and one lawyer may see it one way and feel that it’s not strong enough for a disability case. But we will tell you that another lawyer may evaluate the case differently. We have taken cases that other lawyers have said no to and we are sure that lawyers have taken some cases that we’ve said no to. You know we all have our own processes for evaluating cases.

We think those are good processes. We use a really excellent process to evaluate our case, but that doesn’t mean we will always right because we know that sometimes we’re not. And so, we may well say no to a case that another lawyer is going to think of a different theory or a different way to approach that case that can be successful. So, we always recommend that if you’ve had one lawyer, tell you now that you should go get a second opinion.

You also want to ask well why don’t you think this is a suitable case? We know that when we reject a disability case, we always say why we feel from our point of view it’s not a case that we could handle successfully and that’s a great question to ask because you want to have a better understanding of what Social Security is looking for. Remember the standard for Social Security disability is do you have severe limitations from your health problems that will keep you from doing your current job or any work you’ve done in the last 15 years or any other type of job even something very easy and that you cannot work for at least 12 consecutive months. So that’s a standard by which we all evaluate our cases.

If you’ve received a no from a lawyer, just ask why and then move on and get a second opinion. If you receive multiple no answers, then we think you really have to look at that and think long and hard about whether it even makes sense to continue to pursue a disability case. Ultimately, of course, that decision is up to you but don’t assume immediately if one lawyer says no that there is no case. Do yourself a favor and always get at least one second opinion.

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