A question we often are asked at Disability Associates, a Social Security Disability law firm in Towson, Maryland, is can I apply for Social Security Disability benefits with multiple sclerosis? This is a great question that has many layers to the answer. So today we’d like to take a closer look. 

Answering the Question: Can I apply for Social Security Disability Benefits with Multiple Sclerosis

How Multiple Sclerosis Affects You

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects many people very differently. For some, the effects may be very mild but for others, it could be very severe. You may be able to work normally with little accommodation. However, due to the treatment and natural progression of complications related to MS, it may make living normally harder and harder. 

When Social Security Disability Helps

If you are to the point where working an 8 hour day is severely draining, to the point where even a second day straight of work can be near impossible to complete, this is when it is probably time to start looking into assistance from Social Security Disability benefits. 

When you can feel that point coming it is best to get in touch with a social security disability lawyer in order to evaluate your case and see if you have something strong enough for benefits. At this point you should keep in mind the following:

  • It is not simply the diagnosis of MS that guarantees benefits but the symptoms from the disease or the side effects from treatment.
  • How are you limited at home?
  • How are you limited at work?

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