At Disability Associates, a Social Security Disability Law Firm in Maryland, we are often asked the question: can I go on vacation while applying for Social Security Disability Benefits? This is a great question because it is an important subject that is often overlooked. 

When someone is applying for social security disability benefits, it does not mean that they must lose all sense of normalcy as well. Even though their lives have been turned upside down because they can no longer work, they still can and should be with their families and friends. This may include an annual trip to the beach, lake, or tourist destination from time to time. 

The first thing that a person applying for disability benefits must think about is what will the judge think if the topic comes up during their case? If it does become a topic during the case, they have to put their vacation in context. Was he or she able to attend a family vacation or a full vacation and participate in all the events without discomfort? 

It is recommended that you keep track of any problems that you have. So, for example, if you are driving to the beach and you need to stop every forty-five to sixty minutes because you are in pain or are unable to participate in any activities, that is something we need to know for your case. 

So overall the important part to note is that if you go on vacation with your family or friends, you must document to your lawyer or doctors that the illness or injury prevented you from participating and you must make sure to explain this to your judge if it is brought up in your case. 

About Disability Associates:

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