We receive many inquiries here at Disability Associates, a Social Security disability benefits law firm in Towson, Maryland, from folks wondering can I receive Social Security Disability Benefits if I haven’t worked in a long time? This is a great question that we are happy to take a closer look at today. 

Initial Considerations 

One of the biggest pieces of Social Security Disability Benefits is work credits. What are work credits you may be wondering? Well, in order to even be considered for benefits, you have to have been working enough while paying into Social Security to accumulate enough work credits to be able to apply for disability. 

What if I Have Enough Work Credits?

Having enough work credit built up will be the first strong step toward an acceptance of benefits, but there are many other considerations with any disability benefits case. The biggest of these is known as The Date Last Insured. 

What that means is there is a window or period after you’ve stopped working within which you have to prove that you meet the definition of disabled. Typically, that window of time is five years after you last worked full time. 

If you land outside this window, then the quick answer is that you will more than likely not qualify for benefits. For example, if you stopped working in the year 2000 and tried to apply for benefits past 2005 you must be able to show significant evidence that from the point in which you left the workplace there were significant medical hurdles keeping you away from working full time. 

Final Considerations

Another piece to look at from Social Security that is not particularly enforced but can be considered is have you worked full time at least 5 of the last 10 years. This doesn’t mean five years of working in a row but when you add up enough quarters of the time working together, it adds up to at least 5 of the last 10 years. 

We don’t see that rule enforced as strictly as the others but it is still something to keep in mind as you think about your case. 

If you are still not sure it is always a great step to consider having your case evaluated by a Social Security disability lawyer or law firm today. 

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