While Social Security regulations can be complex, it is generally known that one ex-spouse can collect Social Security and disability benefits from another, even if they are divorced. But, do your benefits change if you have been divorced multiple times, and is it possible to collect benefits from multiple ex-spouses? Here, the Social Security disability attorneys at Disability Associates answer whether you are able to collect Social Security disability benefits from multiple ex-spouses.

Filing For Divorce Spousal Benefits

Your ex-spouse has to be a minimum of 62 years old for you to collect spousal benefits. In addition, you have to have been married for at least 10 years or more. Your ex-spouse must also be entitled to Social Security disability or retirement benefits, and any benefits you are entitled to must be less than the benefits they receive. Usually, your benefits as the ex-spouse is one-half of the benefits received by your ex-spouse.

Collecting Benefits from Multiple Spouses

Generally, if you remarry, you are not eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits from an ex-spouse. However, if your latter marriage ends due to annulment, divorce or the death of your spouse, you may be eligible to receive benefits from your former spouse.

If you should remarry and divorce again, and your ex-spouse also received SSD benefits, you may be entitled to collect a percentage of their benefits if the amount exceeds the benefits you are currently receiving from your first ex-spouse.  

So, while you are unable to collect benefits from two or more ex-spouses at the same time, you are able to collect benefits from the ex-spouse who is receiving the most in total benefits. This applies to both SSD and retirement benefits.

If the benefits you are receiving from an ex-spouse are reduced in any way, you may also reapply to receive benefits from an ex-spouse who is receiving a higher amount of benefits. Because of the more complex nature of receiving benefits from an ex-spouse, the Social Security Administration has created a variety of resources on the subject, which can be found here.

Having a Social Security Disability Attorney Advocate for You May Help

When navigating the world of Social Security disability benefits, it can be extremely beneficial to have a Social Security disability attorney on your side to help you advocate for the benefits you deserve. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has stated that claimants applying for Social Security disability benefits may see more successful outcomes when they enlist the assistance of a qualified Social Security disability attorney. The attorneys at Disability Associates focus exclusively on Social Security disability benefits and have over 25 years of combined experience advocating for clients just like you. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.