A question we are often asked is does age help when applying for social security disability benefits? At Disability Associates, a social security disability law firm in Towson, Maryland, we would like to take a closer look today.

What does age mean in your case?

If you are under 50, the reality is the case is going to be harder. Not that it won’t be impossible, sometimes, but it’s certainly going to be harder.

Why is that? Well, you need to think about what Social Security disability is for. It is to help disabled workers who can’t work any longer. Okay now if you’re in your 20s or your 30s the reality of the Social Security Administration is that they’re not so interested in having people on disability roles for the rest of their working lives. That would be decades! The Social Security disability system was initially set up with the idea that it was going to help people who were age 55 or older.

Although it certainly can apply to anybody who has worked enough paying their Social Security taxes, remember there are special rules that will apply once you are over 50 that makes the case easier to prove. Those rules do not apply when you are under 50 and it will make your case harder.

Every case has to be evaluated on its own facts so there’s no blanket rule that says you can or cannot get benefits if you’re under age 50 but I can tell you that yes it will be harder.  You want to talk to your lawyer about that and to decide whether you really have a case that you will be able to qualify for benefits taking into consideration your age.

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