While some people can afford to wait for their Social Security benefits to be processed through the system, some cannot. In the unfortunate event that a person is diagnosed with terminal cancer, severe brain disorders, and other conditions, “Compassionate Allowances” expedite the benefits process to accommodate qualifying individuals.

compassionate allowances


These allowances make the process easier for those who need the process to be expedited and should be taken advantage of by all those who qualify. Here is everything you need to know about Compassionate Allowances.


Expedited Process


As previously mentioned, Compassionate Allowances quicken the approval process for Social Security disability benefits, which can otherwise be a lengthy process. There is a lot of paperwork that goes into the application process (medical documents, testimonies, doctor letters, etc.), which is why it can take up to a year to be accepted finally.

For many, this is not an option, especially for those with terminal illnesses. With this said, Compassionate Allowances enable qualifying individuals and their families to start receiving financial support as soon as possible.

Payments Are Not Instant


While Compassionate Allowances expedite the approval process, this does not mean that benefits will be immediately accessible. It can still take up to three months or more for payment to begin.


How Can I Apply For Compassionate Allowances?


Social Security has created a list of qualifying conditions to help clarify who can apply for this additional benefit. If your medical condition is listed, then you are considered eligible for Compassionate Allowances.

To apply, regardless of what stage your condition is in, contact Social Security right away to file for disability benefits and start receiving payment as soon as possible. Have all necessary documentation ready with your physician’s statement, and you will have no problem with the application process.

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