Your spouse got injured and can’t work? There is no need to panic. We here at Disability Associates, a Social Security Disability Benefits Law Firm in Towson, MD, have the tips you need to begin the process of filing for disability

My Spouse Got Hurt and Can’t Work: What Are Our Next Steps?

At Disability Associates, we will from time to time get calls from a spouse or a parent saying “i’m really concerned about my spouse”, or “i’m really concerned about my adult child and here’s why: He or she is sick, they are having problems making it to work everyday. I’m concerned that they are not able to work anymore and that they need to file for disability. What should we do next?” Here are a few things to be mindful of when reaching out to an attorney or law firm about opening up a Social Security Disability case

Being On The Same Page

Filing for disability is a long and frustrating process, so it is vital that your spouse is on board with filing for disability. That’s because the process requires a lot of cooperation from the person that is applying for disability benefits. Now, sometimes we get these phone calls and what we find is that while the spouse or parent is legitimate in their concern, the person they are concerned with is simply not willing to go down that road right now and file for disability benefits. And if someone is really unwilling to go through the disability process, it’s not going to be successful. But if they are willing and they understand that they are having a lot of problems, then the first thing that you would want to do is to get your case evaluated by a disability lawyer to make sure if it is a legitimate case or not.

Getting the Case Filed

Getting your disability case filed is the most important step in filing for disability. Absolutely nothing happens until you get your case filed. In order to move forward and receive your disability benefits, you must work with a disability lawyer to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps needed to make progress in your case. 

Cooperation and Support

One of the most important things to remember when involved in the process of filing for disability benefits is that you need to be patient and you need to work together. It is a long and frustrating process with a lot of moving parts, and your spouse may not be able to do it alone. It’s important to work as a team and try your best to remain calm. 

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Our team at Disability Associates views our clients as more than just another case. We build genuine relationships with each and every one of our clients to ensure that they are comfortable during this stressful time. We value honesty, good communication, and compassion, and implement these values with every client we have. In building these relationships, our clients trust that we will provide competent representation and will do our best to get them the Social Security benefits they deserve.