One of the biggest fears anyone can have in filing a case for Social Security Disability benefits is whether or not they will actually win their case. At Disability Associates, a Social Security Disability Benefits Law firm in Maryland, we get asked the following question all the time. What are some signs I am going to win my Social Security Disability Case? Here are 3 signs that might point towards a favorable outcome.

3 Signs You are Going to Win Your Social Security Disability Benefits Case

Every once in a while, a judge may state at the end of the case that they are going to find you disabled, but this is an extreme rarity. Most times, there is simply not a signal that the judge may lend a favorable decision. Sometimes even in the best cases there are unexpected decisions handed out, so it is best not to read too much into the judge’s mannerisms or emotions. 

Sometimes your case will be sent for quality review. This may be a positive sign, but even at this step there have been many cases that make it to this point and then still get denied, so it is hard to put stock in this as well. 

Even a case that moves slower isn’t always a good sign, as this might just mean there is a backup at Social Security or at disability determination services. If it is moving fast, it could just mean the opposite, in that all the personnel are available to help move the case through quicker. 

It is really hard to tell in any instance if a Social Security Disability benefits case will have a favorable or negative ruling. It is best to just wait for the actual decision to come down, rather than trying to guess based on any signs during the process. 

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