We are going to go over colon cancer and whether it can be the basis for a disability case. Social Security Disability benefits are not always guaranteed. Like with all other disability cases, it depends on the severity of your condition and whether or not you fall under the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled

Can I Receive Social Security Disability Benefits for Colon Cancer? It depends…

What does it depend on exactly? Well, it depends on what type of cancer you have, what stage it is in, what treatment you are receiving, and your response to the treatment. So, let’s take it step by step. 

First, think about the definition of disabled that Social Security uses. Social Security says that you are disabled if you have severe limitations from your health problems that will prevent you from what they call “substantial gainful activity”. This basically means that you are not capable of working at any kind of job at all for at least twelve consecutive months. 

It’s important to remember that no two people are the same. Therefore, every single case is different. So, for some people, colon cancer is diagnosed, they are treated (perhaps with surgery), and they do not need any follow-up treatment. Within a few months, they are back at work. That is not going to be a Social Security disability case where you can get benefits because in that instance, you were not limited for twelve consecutive months. 

Now other cases of colon cancer are very different. The treatment may involve first surgery, there may be chemotherapy, there may be radiation, etc. These can be debilitating for some people, and it may be that complications arise and you will certainly be out of work for at least twelve months or longer. That is the type of case where you would be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. But, as you can see, it varies widely from case to case. 

So, the first thing that you can do if you are wondering if your case might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits is to contact an experienced disability lawyer and get a proper evaluation of your particular situation. As previously stated, every single case is different. We at Disability Associates have had times where we have accepted cases from clients who have colon cancer and other times where we unfortunately could not accept those cases because they are so very different.

Social Security is not so much focused on the diagnosis. That is where every case starts, but what is more important is what the limitations that you have are because of that diagnosis, how you have responded to treatment, and what limitations you still have even after the treatment has finished. These are things that will require an evaluation by an experienced disability lawyer. So, if you would like to know if you have an eligible case, contact a disability lawyer and get an evaluation so you will have a much better idea of whether or not you fit the criteria for Social Security disability benefits. 

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