People are familiar with the word ‘disability’. Still, many have never heard the term ‘diversability.’ This is a newer phrase that has taken the country by storm as a movement to promote the discussion of different disabilities so that more people are educated about what it’s like to have a disability


There are several ways that a person can be more inclusive in both their personal and professional lives. In this blog, we’ll discuss what exactly diversability means and the easy ways to educate yourselves and those around you on how to embrace the term. 


What Does ‘Diversability’ Mean?


Diversability is a movement whose goal is to rebrand the word ‘disability’ to “democratize disability visibility, representation, and access.” People with disabilities can do the same day to day tasks as people without disabilities. They may just approach them differently. 


In some cases, Americans with disabilities can work, and they should have access to the same job opportunities as those without disabilities. In 2018 the CDC reported that one in four adults in American has some disability. That’s about 61 million people in the country. That is a large sum of people that cannot be ignored and deserve to be treated just like anyone else. 


How To Be More Inclusive:


Ask Questions


It is okay to ask questions about disabilities because that is the best way to learn about them. Being vocal about the questions you may have allows for a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable to be who they are. Having conversations about how to be more inclusive provides for an open dialogue to be had, creating more diverse environments. 


Try Not To Assume


Many people assume that they know the capabilities of a person with disabilities, but that could not be further from the truth. For example, if you are working on a project with a person who has a disability, try to work to collaborate as best you can. You might be surprised as to what the other person can do. With this said, it is important not to assume the limitations of people with disabilities.


At Disability Associates, we value honesty, good communication, and compassion and implement these values with every client we have. We build genuine relationships with every one of our clients to ensure that they are comfortable during this stressful time. 


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