One of the biggest questions we get at Disability Associates, a social security disability benefits law firm in Towson, Maryland, is what is the best type of evidence when applying for social security disability benefits? It can often seem like a mystery was to what exactly you will need in order to prove your case in front of a judge, but we are here to help clear up some of the common misconceptions associated with evidence for your case.

What is the best type of evidence when applying for Social Security Disability benefits?

Let’s start with medical records. Meaning you need to be seeing doctors for evaluations and treatment. Within those records the cases that really are the strongest and most times are the easiest to win from my point of view; are the ones where we have what’s called objective evidence. You have herniated discs and have an MRI that shows it and you’ve had surgery. Yet that has not relieved the problem and there are subsequent MRIs that show that there are ongoing problems. Or you’ve had X-Rays or CAT scans.

Let’s say you have a brain injury and you may have had at some point some bleeding into the brain. You’re going to see that on a CAT scan. Then you’re going to have follow-up testing. With a brain injury you’re probably going to have what’s called neuropsychological testing. So, we have concrete test results and those are just some examples.

Where we have really concrete test results that can show the nature of your problem and the severity of your problem. That’s the best evidence we can get.

Not all cases are like that, as you can imagine. Mental health cases are one prominent example of a case where we don’t have any tests that can show how much depression someone has or how much schizophrenia someone has or how severe it is. We don’t have those kinds of tests that we can rely on. So, in those cases we have to rely heavily of course on the medical records, but they contain mostly subjective evidence. You’re telling your doctor what’s wrong. You’re telling your doctor what limitations you have. You’re explaining to your doctor how you are doing day to day and what limits you have in terms of how active you can be. That’s subjective evidence because that’s you describing to your doctor what’s happening and then your doctor makes some decisions and conclusions based on that.

The strongest evidence we can have is the objective evidence. That really helps us in so many cases to be successful. If that’s a case where that applies to you and it’s recommended that you have certain tests, an MRI, an X-Ray, that type of thing. If you’re financially able to do it, then you absolutely want to do that because it can be extremely helpful in your case.

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