The disability attorneys at Disability Associates explain why individuals should consult with a disability attorney for their Social Security disability benefits case.

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, the process can appear daunting and stressful, especially when proceeding through it alone. However, people who are interested in applying for disability benefits also have the option of hiring a disability attorney. There are many noteworthy reasons that exemplify the importance of having a disability attorney on your side, and knowing them may help you to determine whether hiring an attorney is the right decision for you.

The most important reason that applicants should hire a disability attorney to assist with their disability case is that the chances of being approved for benefits significantly increase.

While it is true that people can be approved for benefits without having an attorney throughout the process, statistics and trends in the Social Security disability sector indicate that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is more likely to approve an applicant who has legal representation than one who does not.

Further, disability attorneys understand the type of medical evidence necessary for increasing the likelihood of being approved benefits. Medical evidence plays the most important role throughout the application and approval processes, so it’s imperative to submit the correct information.

Applicants who proceed on their own often do not recognize the type of evidence that the SSA requires in order to make an appropriate, accurate decision. Consequently, people often submit too much irrelevant information and not enough critical information, which ultimately results in a denial.

Additionally, disability attorneys possess a deep understanding of the specific medical evidence required during the application process for the varying types of disabilities. Upon receiving a new case, a disability attorney will thoroughly analyze the applicant’s file to decide whether more information or testing is needed depending on the applicant’s medical condition and the material at hand.

Then the attorney can consult with medical providers and better address questions or concerns, if necessary. The attorney will then work with the applicant to produce a solid collection of medical records to submit, while ensuring that immaterial information gets left behind in order to prevent an undeserving denial of benefits.

A final reason that shows the importance of having a disability attorney on your side when applying for Social Security disability benefits is that they  are extremely skilled at navigating through the complexities of the appeal hearing process. They also know the best strategies for combating arguments that may hurt an applicant’s case in front of a judge.

A disability attorney can identify the argument that will work best in a variety of situations as he or she likely has an in-depth understanding of Social Security’s rules and regulations on which they are based. This also means that an attorney can anticipate weaknesses in a case and decide how best to manage them – a skill that’s nearly impossible to achieve without being trained in disability law.

Don’t leave your disability claim to chance. Consider the advantages of having legal representation on your side throughout the process, and give yourself the greatest chance of achieving success.

For more information on the importance of hiring a disability attorney for a Social Security disability claim or your personal disability case, contact Disability Associates today.