The Social Security disability professionals at Disability Associates discuss what to expect from your doctor during the application process and how to ensure that it runs smoothly.

If you may potentially qualify for Social Security disability benefits, your physician will play an important role in supporting your claim. The Social Security Administration needs certain documentation in order to properly process your application to determine whether or not you will receive Social Security disability benefits.

This documentation will need to come from your doctor first. Consider these items to help expedite your doctor’s visit and ensure you’ve completed all of the necessary steps to apply.

  1. Make an appointment with your physician before you apply for disability. If you apply first, it is possible that you might have to wait to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Further, Social Security may make a decision regarding your application before you are able to meet with your doctor. Stay proactive and discuss your problems, thoughts and concerns about Social Security benefits with your physician before
  2. Before your appointment make note of any medical issues that you have or have suffered from previously, making sure to include specific ways that these issues have limited you in daily life. Include every limitation—from the least severe, to the most. Without including these details, your doctor may make assumptions regarding how your medical issues have affected your life, and that is what the SSA will use to make its decision.
  3. Thoroughly explain your disability problem to your doctor. Avoid requesting an opinion about whether or not you’ll receive benefits from your doctor. Make your doctor aware that you need help getting accurate information so that you may receive a fair evaluation from the Social Security Disability Administration.
  4. Go over your limitations together. Once your doctor has reviewed your prepared list, ask them if there are any limitations he or she disagrees with. Discuss such to find out if there may be other reasons why your health is doing poorly.
  5. Ask your doctor to write a statement to Social Security explaining that your restrictions match the medical evidence in your records.
  6. Follow up with your doctor. After a week or two, contact your doctor to see how the process is going and if there’s anything they are waiting on from you.

Being prepared for your doctor’s visit will ensure that you have the correct information needed, in a timely manner. For more information regarding your visit for your Social Security application, contact Disability Associates, LLC today.