Once you have submitted an application for Social Security disability benefits, you have the right to check on the status of your claim by checking your status online, calling your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office or contacting the disability examiner assigned to your case. Checking on the status of your claim is beneficial for many reasons—here, the disability advocates at Disability Associates explain why.

On average, most applicants receive a decision regarding their Social Security disability benefits application in three to five months, although each case is different, and wait times can be drastically shorter or longer. While it is important to be patient, you also want to ensure that nothing is holding your application back from being processed—for example, an incomplete application, or delayed or missing medical records.

Key Information May Be Missing or Incomplete on Your Application

An incomplete or incorrect Social Security disability benefits application cannot be properly reviewed and processed by the SSA, so it is important to check your claim to see if this is an issue. A claims examiner at the SSA will only be able to give you a general update on your claim status, so contact the disability examiner assigned to your case directly at the Disability Determination Services (DDS) agency.

The disability examiner can provide you with information about whether your application was completed properly. If the disability examiner informs you that your application has not been completed properly and that your claim is being denied because of it, file a Request for Reconsideration form, and provide any information that was missing from your original application.

DDS May Still Be Waiting for Your Medical Records

A Social Security disability benefits claim cannot be processed until the disability examiner has reviewed your medical records. Some medical care providers or hospitals have long wait times for medical records, slowing down the claim approval process. If this is the case, contact your medical care provider and ask that the medical records be sent in a timely manner.

The old adage, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” often holds true, and a medical care provider may be more likely to send your medical records to DDS in a timely manner if you politely and firmly request they send them as soon as possible.

Knowing Your Status Will Allow You to Consider Your Next Steps

If your initial claim has been rejected, knowing your status as soon as possible will allow you to quickly file an appeal. If your claim has been approved, knowing the result will allow you to better estimate when you can expect to begin receiving benefits. Regardless of the outcome, staying informed about the status of your claim will only prove beneficial, allow you to receive benefits quicker and may help you to overcome obstacles in a more expedient manner.

The Disability Advocates at Disability Associates Can Take the Worry Out of Benefits Claims

Applying for disability benefits often feels like a burdensome and stressful undertaking—so why go it alone? The attorneys at Disability Associates are excited to help you with the benefits claim process, ensuring you receive a decision from Social Security in a timely manner. Should your application be denied, we know the steps to take to help you appeal the decision. For more information about how we can make the Social Security disability benefits application process easier, contact us today!