Social Security disability is notorious for long wait times, and so it is important to streamline the application process wherever possible to ensure that you get the benefits you need as soon as you are able. Here, the disability advocates at Disability Associates explain how applicants can cut down on application time for Social Security disability benefits, and ultimately decrease their overall wait time.

Using the Click-and-Sign or Attestation Process

Social Security disability applicants have the ability to sign their “Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration” (Form SSA-827) online, instead of mailing a physical, signed copy to the Social Security Administration (SSA). For those applying via telephone, or in person, the attestation process may be used—this also applies for some disability claims being filed on behalf of a minor.

Both of these processes allow Form SSA-827 to be transmitted and saved directly to Social Security’s systems. This procedure includes steps to protect the identity of the signer, and any online information received by the SSA is carefully stored and protected. The SSA estimates that these processes reduce application processing times by an average of nine days, allowing eligible applicants to begin receiving benefits even sooner.

Provide Medical Records with Your Application

The majority of application processing time is accounted for by the transmission of medical records from care providers to the SSA. Application processors at the SSA cannot make an official decision regarding your eligibility until they have access to a physical copy of your medical records—and many hospitals and other medical institutions can take an extremely long time to honor medical record requests.

By providing your medical records along with your application, processing time for your application can be reduced by weeks or even months, depending on your case.

Check to See if Your Disability is on the “Compassionate Allowances” List

Disabilities that are considered compassionate allowances are those that are typically quite severe, complicated and debilitating—this allows those who are extremely disabled to be fast-tracked for quicker review.

Before applying for Social Security disability benefits—either for you or a loved one—check to see if the disability you or your loved one are experiencing is on the list of compassionate allowances. If it is, the application will be flagged in the system as one that requires immediate attention. This can cut wait times down from months or years to days or a couple weeks.

Retain an Experienced Disability Benefits Attorney Who Can Help You Complete Your Application

Social Security disability attorneys understand the complexities and nuances of the Social Security disability application process, meaning that they can help you complete your application quickly and efficiently, ensuring it is processed in a timely manner. For the attorneys at Disability Associates, Social Security disability benefits are their sole practice area—meaning they have spent years helping clients access the critical benefits they deserve.

With a disability advocate on your side, wait times can be reduced by days, weeks or even months—and, the attorneys at Disability Associates are not compensated until you begin receiving benefits. For more information about how we can help, contact us today!