When you’re looking for a disability attorney, it’s important to do your research. Most initial disability claims are denied at the first two levels of the process, which means that the disability lawyer you hire is likely going to be standing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to plead your case. You want to be sure that the lawyer you choose has your best interests at heart and is prepared to fight your case to the end. Below, you will find the top 3 questions to ask a disability attorney when you begin your search.

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Do You Have Specialized Training in Disability Law?

Disability law is a specialized field. You don’t want just anyone standing up in front of an ALJ. Ideally, you want to work with someone who has decades of experience in the field. Consider who you’re working with carefully. Is it a large company that treats its clients as numbers or a small, local firm that can give you the individualized attention you deserve and really get to know your case?

Are There Any Upfront Costs I Should Know About?

Disability attorneys should not charge you upfront costs.

Most attorneys will charge a fee of 25% of your past due benefits, not to exceed $6000 – and will not charge you anything if they are not successful in winning your case. In fact, the process that disability attorneys go through to vet potential clients ensures that everyone is set up for success from the beginning.

If a lawyer does not think that your case has merit, they will likely elect not to represent you.

How Often Will You Be in Touch During the Process?

Social Security Disability cases often take years from beginning to end. You can read more about the process here, but the short version is that you spend a lot of time waiting for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make decisions and present you with hearing dates.

During this time, it is important that your lawyer stays in touch with you on a regular basis. They should be reaching out for any medical updates, finding out if you have heard from the SSA, and keeping you informed about any changes to your case.

You should be able to easily reach your disability attorney to ask questions. Finding out how responsive an attorney is often goes beyond just asking them. Read reviews from other people who have worked with the attorney to find out how dedicated they are to their clients. The more research you do, the more likely you are to find a good fit for your Social Security Disability case.

Disability Associates Answers to Questions for a Disability Attorney

Tracey Pate has over 25 years’ experience in Disability Law, representing thousands of clients. In creating her firm, she did so with the belief that everyone should have access to a quality disability lawyer. There are no up-front costs and her team is in touch often throughout the application process to keep you up to date with the latest information.

You can find out more about our previous clients’ experience through Avvo and Google reviews. We’re also available anytime to answer your questions. Just give us a call at (410) 686-2227 or contact us on the website.