Applying for SSI benefits is a great idea and can be the perfect match for those who qualify. However, when applying, several important questions may arise regarding how exactly everything will work. 


One of the most frequently asked questions regarding SSI benefits is whether the benefits will change due to marriage. 


Will My SSI Benefits Change If I Get Married?


The short answer to this question is no; your benefits will not be affected if you decide to get married. 



However, if your new spouse has an income, then your benefits may be affected. If your spouse’s income is substantial and is more than $392/month, your benefits may be reduced or ended.


This is because this is the amount that Social Security assumes a person will need to cover food and living expenses per month. The way this works is that a percentage of your spouse’s income may be counted as yours in a process referred to as “deeming spousal income.” 


In the event that both you and your new spouse are both collecting SSI at the time of your wedding, then both of your benefits will likely be reduced. 


Dual Eligibility 


If you or your partner are dual eligibles, meaning you receive both SSDI and SSI benefits, then getting married may also affect your income amount. However, it is most likely that your SSDI benefits will not change, but instead, your SSI benefits will be solely affected. 


Calculate Your Potential SSI Payment After Marriage


If you would like to get an idea of how much money your household will be bringing in per month after the wedding, it can be done in a few steps. For starters, take the spouse’s income that is working and add it to the amount that the spouse receiving SSI benefits gets per month. 


If this amount is over the monthly benefit limit (in 2020, it is $1,175/month), you will subtract the household’s total income from the benefit limit. This is now your new monthly benefit amount.


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